Store Closing Announcement

“The Bent Nickel” has been a dream on my heart for nearly 30 years and I am SO GRATEFUL that God has allowed me to experience the reality of even a fragment of this dream.

Many of you know that “The Bent Nickel” is more than a gift shop / local independent retailer. God has done amazing things in this place and allowed Kelly, Heidi, & I to experience His power and presence! We are constantly in awe of the amazing ways God has encouraged and uplifted hearts of those hurting...all while “just browsing the shop”. We are grateful for the work He’s done with our meager efforts.

With a full heart, but an “empty cup”, I have decided to close the “The Bent Nickel” and move into the next season God is preparing me for. I honestly have no idea what that will look like, but I know I have some healing to do first. I have been “pouring out” faster than I can “refill”.

There are not enough ways to say “THANK YOU” for all of your support... financially, emotionally, & spiritually. It has been our honor and joy to meet you and share in God’s goodness with you.     


You are Loved & You are Valued