Ordering, Payment, & Shipping Info

Online Shop Standard Shipping: USA

Your order will be processed within 3 business days of receiving your payment. We ship all items with USPS or UPS, depending on the size and weight of the order and which items are ordered. We prefer to ship in as few boxes as possible to conserve materials, but in the event that one or more of your items will require additional processing time, we will ship your available items as soon as possible. 

Heart-Crafted Encouragement Subscription Boxes:

When can I expect my box?

Boxes will be packed and ready to ship by the 4th of every month.  Shipping times can vary, but your box should be at your door within 3-4 days. 

For new subscribers, you will receive your first box in the month following your initial payment.  For example, you subscribe and pay anytime between October 1st and 31st.  Your first box will be the November box which will be shipped by November 4th.

For existing subscribers, we will ship your box by the 4th of every month.  Your payment for the following month will automatically be billed on the 11th of every month.  This means you will receive your box a few days before your auto renewal date of the 11th, giving you a chance to cancel the next month's box if necessary.

I'm in the Centerville area.  Can I pick up my box in the store?

If you prefer to pick up your box every month rather than use shipping, please use this Discount Code at checkout to bypass the $9.95 shipping charge... PICKUPBOX

I live out of town.  Can my Subscription Box be shipped? 

Yes!  Unless you use our Discount Code for local pickup (PICKUPBOX) at checkout, all boxes are automatically shipped at $9.95 monthly.

Are you able to ship internationally? 

No.  Unfortunately, at the moment we do not ship internationally.

When will I be billed?

Your first payment will occur at the time of your initial subscription.  Your subscription will automatically renew and charge your account on the 11th of every month.

Is there a commitment or can I cancel anytime? 

No commitment.  If you need to cancel your subscription, please log in to your account on this website and cancel.  Please note...Cancellations must be received 14 days before the auto renewal billing date (the 11th) of the month or you will be charged for the following month. 

Can I order a past month's box? 

Typically, past boxes are not for sale as they have sold out.  However, send us an email to see if they are available.

Can I purchase a Heart-Crafted Encouragement Box for a friend?

Yes!  Simply follow these steps:

  • In the "Add a note to your order" section of the Cart page, let us know that the subscription is a gift and whether or not you would like to add a special gift message just from you to their box.
  • Click the "Checkout" button and type your email address under "Contact Information"
  • The "Delivery Method" will be "Ship"
  • Under "Shipping Address", type the recipient's information
  • Click "Continue to Shipping", then "Continue to Payment"
  • Under "Billing Address", choose "Use a different billing address"
  • Then, type your information

If you have any questions, please send us an email and we would love to help you.

I want to purchase two Heart-Crafted Encouragement Boxes, one for myself and one to gift a friend.

Wonderful!  What a great way to share the encouragement!  

You will need to process two separate transactions.  One transaction for yourself with your billing & shipping info and the other transaction with your billing info and your friend's shipping info.  Follow the instructions in the above question to process your gift subscription properly.

If you have any questions, please send us an email to let us know and we would love to help you.

How do I update my payment information? 

Simply login to your account on this website to update your payment information. Please make sure it's updated correctly to ensure you will receive your renewal order.

What if I don't like an item in my box? 

Our desire is to curate a thoughtful assortment of items for each and every box.  We understand that you may come across an item once in a while that isn't your "cup of tea" and that's okay.  We encourage you to think of someone you could gift the item to, blessing them in the process.

I don't want to cancel my subscription, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I need to skip a month.  Is that possible? 

Yes.  We are sorry to hear you will miss out on your dose of monthly encouragement, but we completely understand.  You can simply pause your subscription and restart it when you're able. Simply login into your account on this website to choose this option.

Any other questions?

Please send us an email for any other questions or concerns.