Our Story

We started The Bent Nickel in 2006 as a small home-based business selling handcrafted home decor & refreshed furniture at local craft shows. Our early days involved a lot of sawdust, painting, and hunting down "trash to treasure" pieces to refresh. Most of the work was done while our son napped and in the evening after he went to bed.

One year later, we began the amazing journey of homeschooling our son. Because of my (Diana) "all or nothing" personality, I made the hard decision to put The Bent Nickel on hold for the next 11 years in order to focus on our homeschooling journey.

Once our son graduated, we decided to start the business back up. Living in the heart of a small town right on Main Street, we set a tent up in our front yard once a month from May through October in 2019 as a Pop-Up Shop. All of our original products were handcrafted by us. (more sawdust, paint, etc.) 

Then an unimaginable opportunity came our way! In September of 2019, we were approached by Warm Glow Candle Co. to open a shop space in their amazing building. Honestly, we were not in a position to afford such a risk with a yearly rental contract, BUT GOD knew this. He arranged for us to receive a completely unexpected monetary gift just 2 days earlier that covered our first year's rent! That made our decision much easier... ;)

We set up shop inside Warm Glow Candle Co. September 11, 2019. Our little 100 square foot space was just the beginning! In January 2020, we were able to expand to a larger space of almost 300 square feet. What a blessing to share space with such a great locally owned destination!  

As of April 2022, God has expanded our business to a stand alone location with more square footage!  Come visit our new shop at 3815 National Rd W, Richmond, Indiana. We would love to meet you!

We're so excited to see what God has in store for the future of The Bent Nickel! More importantly, we feel honored to be given this opportunity to pour into your heart so you can continue spilling over to those you love!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Diana & Jassen