From the moment you walk through the door at The Bent Nickel, you feel
encouraged! Diana greeted us with a hug and told us the beautiful testimony of how The Bent Nickel was breathed into life over years of prayer, trust, and faithful obedience.

The entire store is designed with such aesthetic appeal and it is evident that each item has been curated to offer a meaning to those who shop.

The prayer room is absolutely amazing, and you can tell that the Holy Spirit is present! Diana was so sweet and prayed with us before we left and hand-wrapped each gift we bought.

I highly recommend that everyone comes to visit this place-I promise you will leave feeling encouraged, renewed, and blessed!


The Bent Nickel is absolutely one of the sweetest places I have ever shopped. If you want to feel empowered, blessed, centered, or at peace, please stop in.
I simply cannot express how sweet and caring Diana is.

The most beautiful prayer room is available for anyone that may need it. I cannot wait to have the opportunity to visit again.


If you haven't been to this shop, you need to go! Great gifts and gift ideas for everyone in your life! Prayer room and spiritual fulfillment as well if that's what you need.

Check it out! Diana Martin is great, can help you with that special gift, pray for you, and she would love to see you!